GNU/Linux-libre from Source Code


GNU/Linux is an operating system whose goal is to let its user fully control his computing. In order to do this, each part of this operating system has to comply with the four free software essential freedoms:

Lemote Yeeloong

Lemote was a chinese manufacturer of computers using Loongson CPU. Yeeloong series were the laptops sold by Lemote.


GLLFSC stands for "GNU/Linux-libre from source code". The main goal of those documents is to help the reader build a free as in freedom minimal operating system for a machine based on Loongson 2F, Loongson 3A or Pentium 4.


The GLLFSC documents, as well as their texinfo sources, are available for Loongson 2F, Loongson 3A and Pentium 4 CPUs in various formats. There are also archives of GLLFSC systems compiled for Loongson 3A and Pentium 4.

Package Users

Package Users is an uncommon yet interesting way of installing programs, while tracking the files and directories they install on the system. A short way of getting it to work under GLLFSC is presented in Package Users - Short version.


In order to have a wired ethernet connection to the internet on a GLLFSC system, I suggest you to read my ethernet page.


In order to have a wireless connection to the internet on a GLLFSC system, I suggest you to read my wireless page.


A simple guide to build Xorg on top of GLLFSC is available on my Xorg page.


A list of fonts for GLLFSC is available on my fonts page.

Going further

After having configured an internet connection and installed Xorg, you will probably want to install a window manager, a graphical web browser and other tools. I have created some recipes to install programs I need. You may also be interested by my Web Browsers page for a list of browsers usable on mips.